When will the first Intex spiral tube will be available for purchase?

Intex, the world’s first fully integrated, fully automated spiral tube processor, has just announced that its Spiral Tube Register will be shipping to its customers in Q4 2018. In order to achieve this goal, Intex was forced to build a new processor to replace its previous Spiral Tube Processor, which was the work of more than […]

What to look for when buying a pvc tube winders

PVC winders have a long history of use in the power grid, but it’s still an extremely difficult and expensive process to obtain them.The biggest challenge is finding a distributor that’s willing to take on the high cost of transporting them from the manufacturer to a customer.article”The majority of the winders we see are made […]

How to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to 3D spiral tubes

The best 3D-tube balancing systems can be found in the 3D space.However, the best are the ones that have a “vortex” effect on the tube, which increases the size of the tube by more than 5% when compared to a traditional “slicer”.This is why it is a good idea to choose a system that has […]

What to know about the new spiral-windered tube winder from Intex

Intex Spiral Winders is launching a new winder that’s a big step up from the original.The new Winders are smaller and quieter and have a larger, less expensive battery.They come with the Intex spiral winder tubing, which is a lightweight, durable, and flexible tubing.The tubes are rated at 1,000 watts, but Intex says they will […]

What is a Spiral Tube sock?

Spiral tube socks are one of those things that you don’t know how to use, so they’re very easy to get lost in.Spiral tube sock designs tend to be a little more casual than traditional sock designs.It’s kind of like a knit sock, but it’s also a little different.They are also sometimes called spiral tubing […]

Which is better: the slimy tube or the thicker tube?

Shown here is a tube of Intex, a popular and popular brand of spiral tubes.This tube is not the thin tube.Instead, it’s a spiral tube that is thicker and more porous.But there’s a downside to the tube’s thickness.The tube’s outermost diameter is 3/16″ which is about half of the tube itself.This means that you can […]

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