How to Make a Spiral Tube Brush (or any Spiral Tube)

A spiral tube brush is basically a brush that is a tube in one of two shapes.

It is the classic spiral tube with a handle.

A spiral, or spiral-shaped brush is used to brush your nails.

It can also be made into a brush for use as a nail curling tool.

Here are the basics of how to make a spiral tube, a spiral brush, or any other spiral tube.


Cut a spiral tubes nail curler.

The spiral tube in the picture is made by cutting a spiral into two pieces.

The pieces are joined by a tube and then a handle, which is the spiral tube itself.

The tube is usually made of metal or plastic, and it’s about 10 inches long by 4 inches wide.


Make a spiral-tube nail curlers handle.

To make a handle for a spiral, first cut a small square of wood or cardboard, and cut two longer pieces of wood into three or four pieces.

Then make a long handle out of that wood or plastic.

Make sure to make the handle shorter than the length of the tube.


Add a tube.

You can make any kind of spiral tube you like, but I like to use a spiral made from wood and cardboard.

Use the end of the spiral and glue it to the end piece of wood.

Now, when you press the end pieces together, you’ll see a spiral of the same length.


Attach the handle.

The handle can be made from a wire that has a loop at one end and a piece of metal at the other end.

You’ll attach the wire to the spiral with a wire loop, or you can attach the spiral to the wire by using the metal loops as a hook.

The loop is just one of the ways that you can make a curved handle.

Attaching the spiral is easy.

First, take one end of a spiral and attach it to one end piece on the spiral, then take the other spiral end and attach the handle to the other piece.

It’s important to make sure the spiral end doesn’t touch the wood or the cardboard.

This will prevent it from bending or twisting, so make sure to hold it snug.

Next, attach the other spirals end to the top of the handle piece.

Make the handle a little bit wider, like 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

This should give the spiral a little more grip.

Attached to the handle, the spiral should be flat.

This makes it easy to attach the nail currier to the tube in your hand.


Use a brush.

You don’t have to use the spiral in your brush to make this handle, but you can if you want to.

Cut the spiral into a long section, about 4 to 6 inches, and attach one end to each end of your spiral.

You’re now ready to use.

Make any number of spiral tubes you like and attach them to your nail curriers.

If you’re making the handle for the spiral from a spiral you cut out earlier, you might not want to attach a lot of the ends.

If your spiral is long enough to cover all of the nails, you may want to put the handles on the ends of the spirals rather than the whole thing.

This way, the handles won’t get stuck in the tube and cause problems.


Attract the nail curls.

Attachment to the nail curl is easy: attach the handles to the tubes, and then, when the nail is in the groove, the tube will come in contact with the nail.

If the tube comes into contact with something, like your skin, you won’t need to attach to it.

Just use a toothpick to push the nail into the tube, which should cause the nail to curl up.

When the nail comes out of the groove it should be curled up.

If it doesn’t curl up, try holding it against the tube to see if you can gently lift it out.

If so, it should slide right off.

If not, you can remove it with a toothbrush, or by holding it by the end, and pulling the tube out.


Make another handle.

Now you’ve got two spiral tubes, one handle, and a nail curl, but your tube is still curved, so the handle still needs to be curved as well.

Attache the other tube to the bottom of the first one.

Then, take the handle that came before and attach a second tube to it, and the handle should be curved to fit into the first tube.


When you’re finished, the handle will fit over the end.

If that’s the case, you’ve done it.

Now try to squeeze the nail out, but if you don’t squeeze it, you shouldn’t have a problem with the tube sticking.

You should be able to pull the tube back out, though, with a little effort.

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