How NASA is building the next generation of spaceports

NASA is gearing up to build the next-generation of spaceport in space, and it is already using the latest technology in the space industry to build a floating structure.NASA has announced plans to build four spaceport complexes over the next decade.

The first spacepresent site will be in the South Pacific, which sits about 4,400 miles (6,100 kilometers) off the coast of Japan.

The second spaceport will be on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean, and the third spaceport is slated to be on land in South America.

The four spaceport complexes will be located in Hawaii, the United States, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the western Pacific Ocean.

“The first site in the Pacific will be based on a floating gravity tube and we expect to have that in place by 2021,” said Mike Suffredini, the acting deputy administrator for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, at the agency’s Commercial Space Transportation conference in Washington, D.C. “The second site will also be in that region and that is the first site for us to move forward with.”

The first three spaceprivals are located in Florida and California.

A fourth spaceport has been scheduled for the Hawaiian islands, and another is planned for the Arabian Gulf.NASA said the new spacepods will be able to withstand high-altitude winds of up to 2,500 miles (3,000 kilometers) per hour.

They will be used for docking and unloading the astronauts’ equipment and will provide a place to store and distribute supplies in the event of an emergency.

Suffredini said the next step for the program is to make sure the spacepot is able to hold up to 50 astronauts.

That is the maximum number that the International Space Station can hold.

There will be a lot of room in the first three spaces for the crew to be together, and that space will be very useful for the mission itself,” Suffredin said.

The next two spacepots will be smaller in size and will be connected by a pipe that can accommodate more cargo and personnel.”

It will be important to get the crew in there with as much space as possible and with as little cargo as possible, and as quickly as possible,” he said.

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