When will the first Intex spiral tube will be available for purchase?

Intex, the world’s first fully integrated, fully automated spiral tube processor, has just announced that its Spiral Tube Register will be shipping to its customers in Q4 2018. 

In order to achieve this goal, Intex was forced to build a new processor to replace its previous Spiral Tube Processor, which was the work of more than three years of development. 

The new processor, which is called the Intex Spiral Tube, is a fully automated Spiral Tube processor.

The Spiral Tube registers, or Spiral Tube Layers, which are used to process Spiral Tube information, can process over 30,000 Spiral Tube Data packets per second. 

Intex has built this processor specifically for Spiral Tube processing. 

“In our first years of operation, we had to replace the old processor because it was more than 10 years old and it was so much more complicated than the Spiral Tube and so much less robust than the old Spiral Tube,” said James Pendergast, IntEX Senior VP of Product Marketing.

“But we were able to replace it at the right time.

With the new processor we have been able to make the processor even more robust and to take advantage of the features of the new Spiral Tube processors, like the automatic phase detection that lets us run our Spiral Tube data at the highest speed.” 

In addition to being a fully-automated processor, IntEx’s Spiral Tube will also be fully integrated into the Intoxist system. 

If you’d like to know more about Intex’s Spiral Tubes, they can be purchased on the Intx website or from the SpiralTubeRegister.com website. 

As of today, Intoxists Spiral Tube has shipped over 100,000,000 devices worldwide and has been adopted by more than 1,000 stores and restaurants. 

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