Steel spiral tube, aluminum alloy tube on eBay for $2,700

Steel spiral tubes have become popular among bike makers for their low weight, low weight tube, and their versatility.

But when you need to build a frame, you’re often looking for something heavier.

Now there are steel spiral tubes available on eBay, for a fraction of the price.

The tubes are made from aluminum alloy and are called Steel Spiral Tube by their makers, Steel Spiral Works.

The tube is 5-1/2 inches long, 1-1-1⁄4 inches in diameter, and weighs 2.8 pounds.

The steel tubes can be used in aluminum frames, too, but they are made of steel, so you’re not getting a frame with a tube that weighs less.

It also has a unique twist, though: It can be welded on and it’s made of aluminum alloy.

So, the steel tube is made of both aluminum and steel.

The seller of the steel spiral is the owner of the company that makes the tubes.

It’s a small shop in South Korea, so it’s not known for high prices.

But it is selling steel spiral fiberglass tubes for a small fraction of what you’d pay for a standard fiberglass tube.

The eBay listing shows the tubes being offered in two sizes, and both are 3/4-inches wide.

It doesn’t say how much the tubes are going for, but it says that the tubes will be sold for $1,650.

That price is less than the $2.6 million asking price for the standard steel spiral.

If you’re looking for a steel spiral bike, look elsewhere, and the cheapest steel spiral options are on eBay.

The prices on other options are higher.

If the steel tubes are for a bike, and you want a bike that’s lighter and more durable, this is a great option.

But if you want something lighter and lighter and better for a couple of hundred dollars, look at the other options on the market.

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