What to expect when you visit the world’s most bizarre tubes

The spiral tube is a bizarrely beautiful form of sculpture and it was created by a pair of Japanese men over the course of 100 years.

The formwork is the work of Japanese artist Kazutaka Sekiguchi and his wife Yukio.

Both have their own unique way of showing their love for their work and this is no exception.

It is no coincidence that Sekigus works were designed in a spiral-like fashion.

It’s a shape that can be viewed as a cross between a spiral and a cylinder and is meant to symbolise the spiral.

The two men had a long and colourful history together, both having been active artists, and both having a fascination with the weird.

The Japanese artist, who is currently residing in Australia, says that he and Yukio began creating strange and creative artworks together during the 1890s.

“We were both very talented and were able to do something so bizarre, which was to show off our creativity,” Sekiguch said.

“We thought of it as a show of our talents.”

The couple decided to use the tubes as a form of expression and so began creating works of art with spirals around them.

Sekiguch and Yukie, who have a history of producing strange and beautiful artworks, began the work in earnest in the early 20th century.

One of the first works created by Sekiguchs is a series of spirals depicting a woman with a cross-shaped body.

The artist was so enamoured with the image of the woman that he continued to draw her, adding lines to her legs, her neck and her mouth.

He was so obsessed with this particular image that he would even add more spirals to her body to create even more grotesque figures.

By the early 1900s, the artist was producing his own bizarre artwork, which included a series called “The Woman Who Lived” and a series titled “The Devil’s Eye”.

The latter was an illustration of a woman who appeared to be dead.

Sekigucs creations were so unusual that it’s believed that he drew them in the shape of an upside down sun.

There is no doubt that Sekiga has an unusual style and the two were able create works that are both incredibly detailed and quite bizarre.

“I have never seen anything like this,” Mr Sekiguy said.

Although the artist may have started out as a self-taught artist, Sekigujos artistry has evolved and he is now considered one of the most celebrated Japanese artists of all time.

Mr Sekiguis artwork has also helped to raise funds for local schools and is now exhibited in Japanese cities across the world.

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