What to look for when buying a pvc tube winders

PVC winders have a long history of use in the power grid, but it’s still an extremely difficult and expensive process to obtain them.

The biggest challenge is finding a distributor that’s willing to take on the high cost of transporting them from the manufacturer to a customer.article”The majority of the winders we see are made of PVC, and that’s one of the things that really makes the process of getting one in your neighbourhood a little bit more challenging,” says David Lecompte, CEO of Intex.

“There’s no good quality that is being made to take the stress off the equipment, and they are also going to be more susceptible to damage due to corrosion and wear and tear.”

Lecompton says there are some manufacturers who are able to produce quality winders for a fraction of the cost, but those manufacturers are often not in the distribution channel, and are often difficult to locate.

“You don’t see these types of manufacturers very often in our industry because they’re not the type of manufacturer that you would necessarily want to buy from,” he says.

“A lot of the smaller distributors we’re seeing in Ontario are just not that interested in making a pvac tube windermaker, they’re just more focused on the equipment that they can buy.”

As well, it can be difficult to track down distributors who will actually transport pvc winders from the factory to customers.

“They may be willing to buy you a tube of pvc for $10, and then they’re going to get a box of windermakers that are $300,” says Lecommpte.

“So you’re basically paying them $100 per winder.

That’s not exactly the way it works.”

Intex has been working with a company called the Global Windmill Association to get more companies to take part in a pilot program to increase the supply of pvcs to the market.

“The only thing we know that they have that we can offer that is that there are a lot of smaller companies in Ontario who have been offering pvc to consumers,” says James Waugh, the executive director of the Global Wing Association.

“That’s something that we’re really interested in helping them do.”

In addition to increasing the supply to the province, the Global Wiring Alliance is also looking at ways to increase demand, including the use of pcv winders in home insulation.

“One of the big challenges that the industry has been facing in Ontario is that it has been unable to bring more of its customers into the grid.

So if we can reduce the number of pvm-type winders that people are actually using in their homes, then they can actually make the switch to a more efficient and cost effective form of energy,” says Waugh.

While some manufacturers are now offering pvacs to consumers, there are still a lot more winders to be had.

“We’ve had several requests from customers, but we have no specific numbers on how many we’ve been able to get through,” says Scott.

“It’s going to take a couple of years, but hopefully in the next five years we’ll be able to do it.”

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