The world’s first spiral tube problem solved

NEW YORK — A British surgeon has solved a puzzling problem in which a tube in his patient’s leg is getting stuck in a spiral and can’t be removed.

Dr. David Rees, who is the chairman of the British Medical Association, is credited with discovering the spiral tube in a patient in England’s South East, where he spent a decade as a surgeon.

“It was a very frustrating experience, to say the least,” Rees said in a telephone interview.

“You try to put the tube in the right position to allow it to work properly and it doesn’t work properly.”

In an era of sophisticated, complex, sophisticated medical tools, Rees realized that patients could get a bit confused about what was really happening.

So he decided to put together a video tutorial, and after that he began to look for ways to explain the process to people.

His solution is a set of spiral tubes that have a set size and are not attached to a regular bedside table.

He explains that if you put the tubes into the right spot, they will “work properly.”

The problem with spiral tubes is that the tube can become jammed or stuck, so the doctor inserts a small ball of tape to seal it.

Rees found that a similar problem can be found in other situations, like in a heart valve.

The tape holds the tube securely.

Reys also explains that the tape is also good for removing the tube.

Rees said the tube problem he found in the South East could be fixed if the tape was replaced with a small rubber ball, similar to the ones that come on surgical gloves.

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