What to know about the new spiral-windered tube winder from Intex

Intex Spiral Winders is launching a new winder that’s a big step up from the original.

The new Winders are smaller and quieter and have a larger, less expensive battery.

They come with the Intex spiral winder tubing, which is a lightweight, durable, and flexible tubing.

The tubes are rated at 1,000 watts, but Intex says they will be rated up to 6,000.

The tube windER will go on sale at Intex’s web store in the next few days, but in case you want to get one before it goes on sale, you can preorder it now on their website.

The company says it plans to launch more products for its spiral winders, like the new tube windering that the company is announcing today.

The Spiral Winder can be used to turn wind on and off by simply twisting the handle.

The cord can be cut by simply turning the handle, or you can wrap it around your head to make it more secure.

Intex has been making winders for about a decade and is one of the few companies to have developed a spiral wind turbine.

The companies website says that the Spiral Wind Rider is designed to be a “great starter winder” for new winders and will also work well for larger winders.

Intec is also planning a line of spiral wind turbines, which it hopes to sell as a “full range of winders.”

The company has previously launched two spiral wind winders that are both relatively small and inexpensive.

The first, the KV3, costs $19.95.

The second, the SP6, is $39.95 and is available now.

The KV4 is also available now for $19 a piece.

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