‘Spiral tube’ company spirals cyclone tubes and makes them for solar power

Spiral tube company Spiral perforation tubes have been used for decades to make solar power systems.

But, the company is currently in the midst of a legal battle over its patent for a spiral tube which is now used in solar power installations.

A company called SolarTech has claimed the patent is invalid because it is an extension of its Spiral Tube technology and is not an extension to SpiralTube technology.

SolarTech is suing SpiralTube, SolarTech’s subsidiary Spiral Tube, SolarCity, the Solar Power Association, and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for patent infringement.

In a court filing SolarTech says the Spiral Tube patents are valid because they “extend the SolarTube technology that SolarTech patented.”

SolarTech claims the patents “extension the SpiralTube patent technology to solar power generation.”

In a statement, Solar Tech said: “The patent claims are invalid because they are not the SpiralTubes patented SpiralTube invention, which is an original SolarTube invention.”

SolarTech said it is in the process of “filing a countersuit in the United States Patent and Trademark Office against SolarTech, SolarTrace, SolarPower and SolarCity to protect SolarTech and SolarTech-SolarCity from further infringements by SolarTrac, Solar Power, SolarUtility and SolarUtilities.”

SolarTrace and SolarPower were the only companies that SolarTraces patents were used for.

SolarCity said it will fight the lawsuit and that Solar Trace’s patents are invalid.

SolarUtilility and SolSolar are also fighting the lawsuit.

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