Why are people smuggling spirals of perforating water pipe into the US?

The spiral tube noodles and spiral peysote tubes have been smuggled into the United States by people smuggling organizations, according to the National Border Patrol Council.

But they have become so popular that the cartels have been using them to smuggle marijuana and heroin. 

The FBI says that more than 3,000 people have died trying to cross the border into the U.S. since 2006.

The cartels use them to get drugs and cash. 

“There’s a large amount of demand,” said Jim Pasch, a spokesman for the National Center for Border Security and Co-operation, a nonprofit that advocates for border security. 

In the past, the cartels had used the pipes to smuggled drugs into the country, Pasch said.

But this year, they have turned to them as a way to get cash.

The smugglers have been taking the tubes to the border, which has been one of the most dangerous parts of the southern border, Passh said. 

When you’re crossing the border at night, you have to be able to see the night-time lights.

You have to make sure that you have a way of getting into the night.

So when you’re trying to get into the area, it’s very hard to get a way into the nighttime. 

Last week, Border Patrol agents arrested five men trying to sneak into the border area using a spiral pipe. 

Authorities said that the men had been attempting to use a black plastic bag to conceal their weapons, and they had been carrying a black tube wrapped in a white plastic bag.

They also had a black rubber band around their ankle, which they said was an improvised explosive device. 

There was no indication that the tubes had been used in the past to smuggler drugs or other contraband.

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