A $100,000 Spiral Fin Tube Explained and a Tale of a Billion-Dollar Disaster

A $1 million Spiral Fin tube that was meant to be used to protect a tornado from spinning was a disaster, according to an ABC News report.

The tube was part of a $1 billion campaign to provide emergency housing for victims of the tornadoes that struck Kansas City, Missouri, on November 6.

The first-of-its-kind project was launched in November of 2014 to provide $1.2 million in housing and housing assistance to the tornado victims in the Kansas City area.

But that’s when the tube’s creators lost faith in it.

They tried to make it more secure, using magnets to seal it, but the tube could not be installed because of problems with the magnets.

The next day, a tornado struck.

The tornado struck the tornado shelter, where the tube was being used, and the tornado continued to rip through the building.

According to ABC News, the tornado hit the tornado tent, causing severe damage and leaving dozens of people homeless.

The team who made the tube, called the “Spinners”, had already invested $1 in the project, according the report.

They then contacted the National Weather Service and were told that a tornado was moving north, so they should look for a tornado shelter nearby.

They were told the shelter was “locked down,” meaning it was closed.

The weather service, however, did not realize the tornado was a tornado until they were about 10 minutes away from the shelter.

“They said, ‘OK, you can see that it’s a tornado.

There’s a lot of damage, and we don’t want to lose that shelter,'” a Spinners spokesperson told ABC News.

The Spinners’ attempts to secure the shelter failed, and in the confusion, the shelter turned into a tornado and then spun out of control.

“The whole shelter fell to the ground,” the Spinners said.

“There was a big explosion, and a lot more debris.”

The tornado ripped the Spiners and their business off, and one of the Spinsters lost an eye.

The company went into receivership and was forced to shut down.

The cost of the tornado shelters, according a report from ABC News’ Marketplace, is estimated at $7.4 million, and they have since closed down.

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