How to Make the Spiral Spiral Tube for the Apple iPhone 6S (and other iPhones)

How to make a spiral tube for the iPhone 6s.

Here’s how.

The Apple iPhone X’s 3.5-inch display has a curved screen that can be curved up to 12 inches and up to 15 inches.

This is great for those with curved screens, since the curved screen doesn’t affect how the phone looks.

However, this means that curved displays can look a little off-center for the eye.

The curved screen will always look the same for those who can’t tell the difference.

To fix this, you can make a curved tube.

Here’s what you’ll need:1.

A curved screenYou’ll need an angle grinder or similar object (like a glass drill or a small circular saw) to grind down the screen, then a piece of metal and/or glass that will fit inside your angle gridded tool.2.

A circular sawThe circular saw will work best for this.3.

A small piece of aluminumThe small piece is the key to making the tube. I use a 2×4, but you can use a 3×6, or even a 6×7.

I’m using a 4×4 for the 3.1-inch screen.4.

A sharpie markerYou’ll want a sharpie (like the one pictured above) to do this.

Here are some things to look for:1) Can the angle grater work with the tube?2) What kind of metal do I need?3) What’s the angle of the angle?4) Can I make the tube from any kind of wood?5) How long will it take to make the circle?6) What size is the circle I’m making?7) Can it be made with any kind the tube I’m working with?8) Can you cut the tube in half, so that I can make it the size of my iPhone?9) How big is the square?

Here are some ideas on what kind of angle grader you can get:1.)

A flat angle griller2.)

A sharp edge3.)

A circular cut blade4.)

A screwdriver5.)

A drill-head grinder6.)

A saw with a small blade7.)

A bit of glue8.)

A piece of wood.9.)

A ruler.

There are a few things you need to know about this tube:1)(If you’re using a straight angle grimmer, you need an exact mirror to measure the angle and the length of the tube to make sure that the angle is the same in all angles.)2)(If your angle is different than what’s shown above, that’s OK.

You can add an extra 0.25-inch to get it the same size as your iPhone screen.)3)(This is a 3D printer tube, so you’ll probably need to be able to open it up and use a piece on your table or something to make it bigger.

I made a 3.4-inch version and it worked pretty well.)4)(If this isn’t the kind of tube you need, you’ll want to go with a curved version, like this one from The Maker’s Warehouse.

The Spiral Spiral tube is a pretty big, round thing, so make sure you’re going to be taking care of it.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

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