Why did the Spiral tube socks cost so much?

As a child, I was obsessed with Spiral tubes, the colourful plastic tube socks with tiny holes drilled into the sides.

These tubes were so popular with kids they were sold in every corner of India and overseas.

But I can’t remember ever paying so much for them, let alone more than I spent on the average Christmas gift.

I also bought a tube of bubble gum when I was younger, a treat I’d never use again.

I bought the tube socks in the past when I could and now I never look at them again.

I never thought I’d ever be one of those who can afford a tube socks.

I used to think I could afford them if I were smart enough, but it was a fantasy, a far cry from what I could buy for myself.

I’d often ask my mother, “What is this tube sock worth?” and she’d reply, “You know, it depends.

It depends on how much you want to spend.”

It depends on what you want.

In an effort to understand why my parents spent so much on these plastic tube-socks, I asked them why they had such a high-end obsession.

“Because I have a big heart,” my father said.

“I have a good heart.”

It was the second of my parents’ two children, who are from rural areas in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

His mother, who was a social worker in the village, has a job that requires her to collect money from clients.

She and her husband, who runs a bakery, have always been able to afford the basic necessities like milk, clothes, and basic foodstuffs.

They were also able to save enough money to buy the most basic things like a basic box of cotton balls, a tin of jam, and a plastic box with a lid.

The family spent around Rs 5,000 a year on these tube socks when they were little, but after we moved to the city, they stopped paying at all.

The first time my mother and father saw my sister and me, they were very upset.

My father had bought them for us.

My mother was so worried that my sister’s parents were going to take her husband’s family and take their son away from her, that she went to her village, asking the people to send a man to bring them some money.

I saw her with her face covered in tears.

I don’t know why my mother thought this was the time to buy tubes, but she did.

I had no money then.

I didn’t even have a credit card.

I only used my mother’s credit card for a few months, but I soon forgot about that.

“I used to spend more on tubes when I used money to shop at department stores,” my mother said.

They didn’t seem to have a problem with it, she said.

She started to think that I was stupid.

Then one day, a few years ago, I found out about a tube sock online and got in touch with my parents.

“Dad, I think I want to buy these tube-skin socks for my daughter.

Can I buy them at the same time?”

I asked.

My parents agreed, and they asked the online seller, “Why are you buying these socks for your daughter?”

She replied, “I don’t have enough money.”

I’m happy to be a parent who is able to give her children a chance to play with these socks, she told me.

But at the time, my mother was in shock and couldn’t understand why I was spending so much money on tubes.

She thought I should be buying them for myself and that they should be more affordable.

My mother asked her father if he wanted to pay for them.

“Why don’t you give me a hundred rupees?” he said.

I replied, I’ll pay for the socks with a credit cards, which is why I asked him to send someone to bring me the money.

My dad asked, “If I send someone, how will the money get there?”

He replied, if I send money to them, the money will be in my bank account.

“But it won’t be in your bank account,” he said, “because the person who sends it will have to send it to me.”

So my mother asked my father to give the money to the person she was going to send the money for.

The person was the person in charge of my father’s bakery, who told her the money would be sent to him.

I thought it was going too far, so I told my mother I would send him the money and give her the credit cards.

I felt very bad that my mother had to do this.

I was really upset about what I had done, I thought.

I couldn’t stand the thought of my mother not being able to have the money she was supposed to have, and I couldn’st bear to imagine my mother would have to go through

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