How a spiral tube worms bite

A spiral tube is a tiny worm-like tube that attaches itself to the outside of a plant or tree and uses a force of gravity to pull it in.

The worm, which lives in water and grows in a soil environment, is called a spirulina.

The worms have two pairs of eyes, which can be seen through a narrow opening on the top of the worm.

The eyes are used to sense light, which allows them to recognize different colors and patterns of light.

The two eyes are located in two different parts of the body.

The first eye is the one that focuses on water, while the second is used for other functions.

Spiral tube worms have three pairs of large, orange eyes, the other two pairs are red, green, and blue.

One of the blue eyes, for example, can be used for tracking prey or predators.

Spiral tubes have two sets of eyes in addition to the red and green eyes.

The blue eye is for tracking water and is used to find prey.

A spiral worm’s brain is very complex and has been thought to be very similar to that of a human brain.

Scientists have tried to understand how a spiral worm can use its blue eyes to see water and other animals.

The researchers found that the spirulines brain was also very similar, and found that they could recognize a particular type of light, such as a red light, when it came from a red surface.

The second pair of eyes of the spiral worm is the eyes that see the ground.

The ground is covered in water, and is not bright enough for the worms to see it.

This leaves the worms with a very poor sense of smell.

The scientists also found that when the worms saw a predator, the worms would pull the prey away from them, and that when they were not looking, they would try to hide.

Researchers are hoping to find a way to create a new species of spiral worm that will be able to sense the environment around them, which would help them to detect predators and predators and other prey. [source]

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