How a 3D spiral tube toy looks like

3D spirals are everywhere these days.

They’re a staple in the toy aisle, with many companies making them for kids, as well as adults.

But are they safe?

And if so, how do you play with them?

Spiral tubes are made with a single tube, which can be either flat or curved.

The flat version has a diameter of 3.5 millimeters and a thickness of 1 millimeter.

The curved version has an outer diameter of 4 millimeters, and a length of 6 millimeters.

In both cases, the tube itself is made of plastic and has a rubber gasket to keep the spiral tube safe.

The plastic tube can be cut out, or it can be inserted in a slot.

The plastic tube is the tube that’s actually in the mouth of the spiral.

When you push it, the rubber gaskets on the ends of the tube create pressure that pushes the spiral into the tube.

This is where the spiral gets its name.

This kind of pressure pushes the tube into the mouth and keeps it from moving around too much, as the pressure keeps the spiral from spinning too fast.

The tube’s width is measured in millimeters in this way.

Spiral tube toys come in many different shapes and sizes, including curved ones.

They can have a flat bottom or a rounded top.

The diameter of the top is the same in all of them.

The width is usually a fraction of a millimeter, but it varies by company.

In the toy market, the widest diameter of any of these toys is a bit more than 1 millimeters — so a 3.75 millimeter tube might be an okay toy for some kids.

The toy can be turned around or rotated, but only with a very slight force.

A simple turn would require you to gently lift the toy up, but that doesn’t have to be difficult.

You could also use a ruler or your fingers to push the toy along, which might not be easy at first, but the pressure is definitely not going to hurt.

The pressure on a spiral tube can also be reduced if you’re using a rubber band to hold the tube in place, which is called a spiral ring.

The most common way to play with a spiral toy is with a small circular object, such as a pen or a pencil.

It’s easy to move the toy around, so it’s easy for kids to reach and play with it.

But the toy doesn’t move very far.

A lot of kids like to push a spiral into a spiral in a round shape, which works for some of them, but not for others.

A circular object can be made into a ring, or even a tube, but both are more difficult to work with.

A spiral ring is often used to build the shape of the toy.

Another way to hold a spiral is to use a small round object with a handle attached.

This would work for some people, but most kids don’t like to be held by their toys, so a flat object would work better for them.

A round object can also work well as a toy for other people, although not as well for them as it would for kids.

Spurges are just one way in which kids can use the spiral toy.

Kids can also use it as a platform for learning, as it’s a lot more convenient than a toy.

Spinning and spinning around a spiral can also help to develop fine motor skills.

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